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Posted in Uncategorized on 7 September, 2011 by Troy

I’ve been aware of and appreciating honesty much more if late.  Honesty amongst friends, co-workers, in business and most importantly ourselves can seem hard pressed to come by some days.

I’ve had some good run ins with honesty and local businesses as of late, which has gotten me thinking about honesty in general.  They could easily have provided their services and taken my money but they ended up being honest with me and talking me out of a sale.  That type of honesty takes integrity and makes me want to return to those stores to buy something more, even if I don`t need it.

Having a friend that’ll be completely honest with you and call you out on your shit, for good and for bad would be a good definition for “friend”.  At times we bite our tongues or sugar-coat our responses to not hurt other’s feelings but in the end aren’t we just doing to opposite?  I think friends like that are rare.

On the end of the spectrum we can get so defensive and clouded by emotions because of the honesty of others that we don`t end up remaining honest with ourselves.  I guess that`s where ego and pride comes in and the ability to step outside ourselves, being objective about who we are and life situations regardless of the harshness and conclusions we come to.  Yeah it can come to the realization that we’re wrong or realizing you’ve made mistakes in life but I guess that`s where we learn.  In that sense I somewhat pity all those people that seem to always do things right and never make mistakes in life.  Do they learn?

I think we could all be more honest.