For a long time this was a dirty word for me.  The thought of being content with something meant being complacent about it, that it was time for a change and to shake things up again.  Contentment meant not evolving, not trying new things and not breaking comfort zones.  It meant being static and not wondering what was around the corner and not growing as a person.  The word’s of Tyler Durden ring through my mind when I thought of contentment, of burning down my flaming pile of shit little world every once in a while, of living life with little or no attachment to my personal belongings and materialistic items and of letting the chips fall where they may.  Deliver me from perfect teeth, clear skin and contentment, is a line that always stuck in my mind.  My fear of contentment has driven me to do a lot of different cool things; break free of my cubical, travel, get an education, pursue my passion and simple break a lot of comfort zones.  I shudder at the thought of being content with my drafting job and living the majority of my life in the cubical I briefly lived in. 

I guess that’s what leads to contentment; a lack of curiosity and wonder with the world around you.  And I guess that’s the bad thing about not being content; always wondering if the grass is greener on the other side. 

Lately my life drifts more and more towards a life of contentment, of enjoying what’s around me, living life and not wondering what around the corner and what life would be like elsewhere.  I must be getting old.  Lately I can’t help but enjoy that contentment and stability in my life; my comfortable apartment, my stable job, hanging out with friends and just plain old living life as it is.  I almost feel somewhat dirty about it and a younger me would be dismayed at how things have become, with my original plan of work, travel and play being laid aside for the comfort of things that taste good and the community of those around me. 

That all said I guess I can still continue to break that comfort zone and that sense of contentment while not having to completely overhaul and change up my life.  There are still a lot of things I haven’t done and there always will be a lot of things I haven’t done.  A lot of those involve shedding contentment, breaking a comfort zone and going on a journey of their own with plenty of personal growth and evolution.  Now it means I have to start smashing those walls of contentment and expanding those zones of comfort.

*As a side note:  I can’t help but wonder how much Fight Club has influenced the growth of MMA fighting these last number of years
* As another side note:  I think Fight Club should be a monthly or bimonthly watch.


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