Travel has come up a number of times lately.  It doesn’t help that the people I regularly consort with are all well-travelled individuals and continuing to travel when time allows them.  With the talk of travel and other friends going on trips, my mind inevitably drifts to going on a trip.  It’s been 3 years since I came back home from my 15 months abroad.  I never thought I wouldn’t have not travelled for this length of time when I got back home those years ago but here I am.  In hind sight I should have gone when I had the chances and the funds but alas. 

As for now the thought of a trip leaves me feeling a bit weird.  I guess it has to do with the fact that my previous travel experience was a long-term trip that I didn’t think I’d return to Edmonton let alone Canada from.  For me travel was a journey not only physically but mentally, emotionally and albeit it sounds weird, spiritually.  It was an opportunity to go away, be someone else, do something things that I never would normally in a million years do, experience and see and never in a million years do again.  Alcohol, parties, drugs, sex…those weren’t part of my trip.  I could do those in Edmonton.  My experiences were a once in a life time and even to this day they’ve effected me more than I can imagine.  I thank/blame/attribute my current profession and livelihood to that trip and experience. 

So with all that in mind my thoughts go to travel and going on a trip and I feel somewhat hesitant to even conjure up an urge to want to go.  15 months is a long time, so for me the thought of travel requires hitting the road for a good amount of time.  The notion of going somewhere even for a month is foreign to me and I can’t help but wonder and question if it’s at all possible to find that mental, emotional and spiritual experience that I once went out looking for in such a small time frame.  I suppose I should ask if I even want that same level of experience again and if not having it is a bad thing? 

That all said I still wonder where I’d like to travel to next.  Iceland sounds awesome; Hana and Elmar regaled me with some amazing stories.  India would be epic but that would require at least six months of travel and I’m sure would provide those same level of experiences I refered to.  A month in the Maritime would be cool as would a month in Croatia as originally planned.  Or maybe even a month away from everything and everyone.  A cabin in the woods, a house on a lake or place near the ocean like I had on Kangaroo Island.  Completely alone with just me, some books and my thoughts.  Strangely enough, that last one sounds the most appealing…


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