What Next?

It’s a simple question but with huge connotations that I feel I’ve been asking myself for a long time.  I complete or experience something in life and I just can’t help but think, what next?  Perhaps contentment is unattainable and merely something one spends one life striving for but never to obtain.  Perhaps it’s just me.  Perhaps it’s a good thing.

What next, where can I go from here and what can I get out of this as a person?  It’s that constant quest for a different experience that drives and keeps me restless.  The saddest thing about life is that it’s so short and eventually ends.  There’s so much to experience, see, do and be in such a short lifetime that you have to pick and choose wisely.  We live so many different lives within our own life, like different hats, clothes or haircuts that go with who we are.  I’m sure if we could jump to different times in our life we would almost think we were meeting a different person and perhaps we would be.  I believe I can say that at one time I have lived the life of bizzaro me.

I think that’s what I loved the most out of my travels.  It was a series of different lives condensed within that one trip.  I wore many different hats, held and was held in different perspectives and opinions and was a different person in each situation.  Each time I went to a different place I wondered what will I get out of this as a person?  Where will this take me?  What will I learn?  I saw it all as a chance to do things I would never normally do, never have the opportunity to do and never be able to do again.  I did things I said I would never do or want to do if I had stayed home but I made a go of it out there.  I suppose it’s because of all those questions I’m a bit hesitant to travel again.  I can’t help but wonder what will I get out of this a person?  Haven’t I already been down that path?  Really I should go to have fun but the question dogs me.

So what next, where can I go from here and what can I get out of this as a person?  I’ve closed a chapter in my life and I’m looking around as to what the next experience is.  What can I get out of it?  Who will I be?  What uniform will I wear this time?
What next?


One Response to “What Next?”

  1. I enjoyed catching up on the posts I missed! Troy, stop thinking about “what next” and focus on now. That’s what I think, anyway. I used to spend too much time thinking about the future and missed out on how great the here and now was. Then you look back and you’re either disappointed or realize that the past was greater than you ever thought at the time. Though I agree that it’s good to set goals (how else do you strive to be better?), I think that you should accept that you’ve got a pretty awesome life and are doing things; great things.

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