To Do List: Life

I’m a big fan of lists.  Grocery lists, chore lists, restaurant to eat at lists…they’re great at helping to remind myself of things to do and things I need.  Another list that’s very useful to make and have is a Life List.  A List of things that you want to do, accomplish or experience over the next few months, next year, years or even decade.  They can help make structure to your life and give you direction.  Now that list and the points written should by no means be written in stone, but should be followed as closely as possible and allow for divergence and variations.  Life is too complex to not alter or revise those goals and achievements, but wherever life takes you, you should remember what it is you’re working towards.

I first made a Life List at the beginning of ’04.  I had just finished a course in multi-media that didn’t get me anywhere, had just moved back to Edmonton after a failed attempt of making a living in Vancouver, was unemployed, flat broke and in considerable debt.  I didn’t know what I wanted to do and simple had no direction in life.  I was not in a happy place and I look back to that dark winter as a major low.  I had a general idea of the things I wanted and that I saw that I needed to do to potentially be happy and act as a sort of guide for life.  I didn’t know how long it would take me to finish that list, accomplish those milestones and have those experiences or if I’d ever finish them but I made that list anyway and put it in my wallet as a reminder.  I have by no means followed that list to a tee or as originally planned, letting life take me where it does but all the while that list was slowly being completed as if I were guided by an invisible hand to finish it.  Here I am nearly 6 years later, that original list lost long ago and I’m realizing that with the completion of school in the next couple months, I will have completed that list.  I’ll be happy to be done school but at this point I almost feel more compelled to finish just so I can have it done and accomplished more than to go out and work and make a career out of it.

Life has taken me to some strange places as I have worked on that list.  I never imagined I’d discover something I’m passionate in along the way or that I would move to Vancouver and by no means do I think that I’ve lived for or treated it like it was written in stone.  I think it’s amazing that I’ve managed to even complete it but here I am.  I’ve tried to add onto that it or make additional lists with other goals, milestones and experiences but no others have stood the test of time that simple 4 point list has.  So here I am with a completed list, some general ideas of things I’d like to do, accomplish and experience over the next number of years and decade.
Maybe I should make a list…


2 Responses to “To Do List: Life”

  1. melanieleeson Says:

    I love lists too! I’ve never thought about making a “life list” though… I could see how that would be useful, to keep on-track of what your bigger goals are, especially when you’re stuck in the day-to-day. I agree, though, that flexibility is also necessary with something like this, as being too narrow in your pursuit of something limits opportunities that come your way.

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