No I’m not talking about Five Man Electrical Band’s classic song or the 2002 blockbuster craptastic, I’m taking about signage on the streets, on buildings, businesses and the likes.  Since Portland I’ve been very aware, interested and in love with older  50’s era, Americana style signs.  There was tonnes in Portland, some new in that style, others the original being refurbished or left as is.  Portland’s done a great job at maintaining and preserving those old signs adding a lot of character to the city.  I was outside of one building that had an old movie theater sign above it.  As I got closer to the building I realized it used to be a movie theater but now it was a Lush soap shop.  Even regular stores use the style making them look very cool.  Not knowing what it was at first, I passed a building and thought, “wow, what is that place?  It looks so cool.”  It was a laundromat.

I’ve been made more aware of this style of signage since Portland and have been trying to keep my eyes open for them since.  There are a few around Vancouver that I’ve seen but not many and what ones that are still standing and often covered up by their new occupants;  i.e. there’s a great one on Broadway that is now partially covered by a Toys-R-Us billboard.  You can see the original peaking through but in the end it just looks ugly.

My last trip to Seattle had me keeping an eye open.  I saw quite a few and manged to get some shots.


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