Is it Wednesday yet?

I was digging through some old computer files today and I found a file I made July 2008.  It was to be the start of a personal journal but it only got as far as one entry.  I started other personal journal/diary in a notebook soon thereafter.  I find it nice to look back to those old entries to see what was going on, what you were thinking and what was happening in life.  Time erases the small details of everyday life and it’s minor thoughts so looking back at older writings can be very interesting.  I guess that’s one of the main reasons I started this journal.  It’s much less private and it’s sort of a benchmark as to what was going on in my life and head even if it’s just the mundane bullshit.

Anyways, the old entry post read as:
July 20, 2008
Is it Wednesday yet?  I suppose I should study.  I’ve been thinking about where I want to be in a number of years and what I want to work towards and such.  I definitely see myself opening my own cafe/espresso bar.  For now I want to learn as much as I can and expand my knowledge and passion of what I do.  I see nursing as a “fall back career” that’ll help me make money and save up for that cafe, kind of like how I once viewed drafting as a means to travel.  That all said, with all the change in the midst, new life and opportunity ahead of me I do feel that undeniable fear that I suppose is only natural.  What I’m not afraid of is the change per say; new job, people, surroundings, worries about bills, making a go at this crazy plan and the chance of failing at it.  No, I’m not afraid of any of that.  What I am afraid of is things remaining the same regardless of what changes I do make in my life.

 I wanted to go to back to KI the other day not because of great friends and the fun I had there but to be alone and relive the month I spent there by myself, sometimes not see another soul for a week on end.  It was strangely refreshing, almost like leaving your body and not having to deal with matters of the flesh but just being you in your own personal light and glory.

It’s funny to read what my thoughts were at the time in regards to coffee and nursing.  I had completely forgotten about that entry and that mindset and here I am a little over a year later and I’m thinking much the same thing like it’s a new idea.

I have an old travel blog I kept updated for over a year, it would be interesting to take a look at that too…


One Response to “Is it Wednesday yet?”

  1. melanieleeson Says:

    I have a love/hate with going back and reading old writing. Mostly I get embarrassed. It never stops me from continuing to write though, which is good, I suppose? haha.

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