I’ve just come to the conclusion that I don’t care about Halloween.  It’s not that I hate it or don’t like it, it’s just that I don’t care about it.  I think it’s fun for the kids and “big kids” but I just can’t get behind it.  In months prior to Halloween, I look ahead to October 31st and think, “Halloween’s a couple months away.  That should be fun.  I should think of a costume.”  Days roll by and turn into weeks, which turn into months and the next thing I know it’s October 29th, I have no costume, haven’t even the faintest idea of what to be and quite frankly don’t care.  So I go down to the thrift shops looking for inspiration and ideas to a cheap costume but typically walk away empty-handed, or in this year’s case with a food processor.  It’s not that I don’t like costumes and dressing up, in fact I love themed costume parties such as 70’s, 80’s or white trash nights.  I like having something to work with and those nights usually require very little planning and effort to pull off plus it’s fun to see other people’s best white trash or interpretation of the 80’s.  I also really like parties and events that you dress up for, put on a nice shirt and your best digs but those seem to be so far and few.  Halloween on the other hand turns into a huge production that people work and plan toward for in months in advance all for one night that often ends up being not as fun or grand as many would hope.  All that build up with a fizzle at the end.  The same can be said for New Years.  In the last 10 years I can honestly say I have dressed up twice and they were last-minute things.  This year I’m not even going to try nor make excuses.  I can’t justify spending $40 on a shitty costume or crappy second-hand clothes.  I’d be better off, if I felt so benevolent and generous, donating that money to UNICEF and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.  I’m just not behind Halloween.  I’m happy you are but I quite frankly don’t care. 

It’s great we live in a country where we have the rights and freedoms to dress up and have this type of day but I’m going to exercise my rights and freedoms to abstain from this day.

Well I ended up par-taking in Halloween, attending a party and even dressing up.  I didn’t spend a dime though and assembled my costume with clothes I had at home, going as a used car salesman.  Kind of sad that I managed to use my wardrobe for that costume…


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