The Lost Art of Conversation

What did we ever do before radio, TV, internet and video games?  Whatever happened to just getting together with a group of people in a room, around a dinner table or in a living room and simply sit around and talk without the TV on, without playing a video game or without pounding music that requires people to yell small talk to each other? 
Some of the best “parties” I’ve ever been to or nights I’ve had have involved people just hanging out, having some drinks and talking to one another or was around a dinner table involving food and good drink.  No loud music, no TV, no video games, just people.
I’m obviously old.


One Response to “The Lost Art of Conversation”

  1. Maybe you’re just in the wrong circles, folks still do that over where I am! It’s just a matter of finding the right people to do it with. They’re still out there, the people who love the kind of conversation you outlined. I’m definitely one of them, though I do use the new media extensively. For me, it’s a valuable tool of communication.

    I see where you’re coming from though, times definitely have changed. I’ll be like you someday, sitting in a park feeding the birds and crabbing to myself about how I don’t understand contemporary culture anymore, and how I want the ‘good old’ days back. I can vividly picture that, actually!

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