Cloudy Sunday

Addictive Personality
I’ve heard the term a couple times through the years and I often wonder if I have an addictive personality.  I had to look up to see what the exact definition was.  I don’t exactly fit that.  I was a major pothead at one time and I’m sure I used it as a coping method.  Over the years addictions and obsessions changed, namely Crossfit and an obsession with health and fitness.  I question if that was “health” now and I’m sure I was using it as a way to cope with something. 

It makes me wonder if someone could be addicted to something or if people who are predisposed to having an addictive personality could be addicted to something beneficial and outright good for you.  Maybe that’s what we call people who are passionate?  My latest addiction is coffee and I look back through the years at what I was doing and they seemed to of consumed my life and I did them full out.  Is that an AP or is that OCD?

This brings me further along to a question that seems to dog a vast majority of people I know, “What do you want to do in life?”  Even my dad asks that question and he’s in his 60’s.  I’ve asked and contemplated this question since I was 17 when my mom started dogging me with it.  It’s been answered a couple times only to rear it’s ugly head again and again.  It popped up most recently last summer before moving out to Vancouver and again the last 5-6 months.  I’ve decided that the best answer to this question is to pick 5 things you love to do or about life and try to do one of them for a living. 

A couple years ago I figured I would probably have my own Crossfit facility someday.  I was obsessed and addicted to everything Crossfit.  Years later it’s coffee and now I figure I will have my own cafe someday.  I think this one is much more realistic.  I remember being in Laos and after going to a coffee farm I was ranting on about it when some guy said to me, “Gee, you sure like coffee.  You should open you’re own cafe someday.”  I chuckled and shrugged it off…

“And the award for Awesomeness goes to…..Bill Murray!”
I’ve been a fan of Bill Murray for years, loving his comedies to his recent dramatic roles.  Not many comedians age well but Murray is one of them and his most recent cameo in Zombieland is another layer of icing on the cake.  I mean there’s so few actors and comedies who would even contemplate doing anything like he did Zombieland but there he is doing it.  For that I feel that the academy needs to make a lifetime achievement award for Mr.Murray under the category of awesomeness.  Bill Murray, I salute you.


One Response to “Cloudy Sunday”

  1. melanieleeson Says:

    I love it! An “awesomeness” award for Bill Murray. Very fitting. It seems to me that you neither have an addictive personality, or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Maybe you just do whatever you feel is right at that particular point in your life? You wanted to move to Vancouver and pursue nursing. You did it. You don’t think life in Vancouver or a full-time career in nursing is what you want and have decided that you want to pursue coffee again; so now you’re making the move back to Edmonton. I think that’s exactly what should happen!

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