Positions, Decisions and Rantings

It’s been a busy week and a half, with 12 hour days at the hospital, going home for Thanksgiving and the Transcend crew/family coming out here to Vancouver for the National barista competition.  I’m a little beat after alls been said and done and had an awesome time with a group of great people. 

I’m looking at my life right now and can’t help but feel and think that I’m in a really great position.  My nursing program is going well and I’m really enjoying working in the hospital.  The nursing gig is pretty good.  I like helping and working with people plus there’s a lot of oppurtunity to advance, make good money, travel and work abroad with it.  Now added to all of this is the fact that I know what my passion is in life.  I know what it is that I love to do and I have the opportunity to do it with an organization that feels more like a family than a buisness; Coffee.  So few people ever discover even what it is they’re passionate about, even fewer get to actually do it. 
I’m in the position that I’m blessed if I do and blessed if I don’t.

So now it comes down to decisions.  I was going to see how things progressed here with my practicum and take it as it comes but I’ve just decided to stop fooling myself and make the decision that my heart is telling me to make.  Coffee.  I spend too much time and energy thinking about coffee that it would just be cruel not to do it and take the opportunity that is in front of me.
Yeah I forgo the life of making awesome money, travelling extensively, and working and living in cool cities for a while and living where I please but I get to do what it is I love to do.  Best of all it isn’t a permanent decision that has no going back.  If things don’t work out, I can jump back to that life of nursing and go from there.  Hell, what I’d really like is to make coffee my main job and nursing my part time thing, working a shift or two a week as a nurse.  Mix it up and do both if possible.

So my choice has been made and I’m heading back to Edmonton.  It’s been a good year here in Vancouver.  It’s a nice town and I will miss it but I think at the end of it all there’s more things that I miss in Edmonton than I’ll miss here.  When I left E-town I had a bit of a hate on for the city and needed to get away for a while and I’m glad I did.  That said, I don’t think I’ve had as much fun out here as I had the last weekend I was in Edmonton for Andrew’s wedding or the couple of times I had visited throughout the year, especially this last week and a bit.  The friends and people I have in Edmonton plus the life I left behind when I moved to Vancouver have always been in the back of my mind while I’ve been living here and I miss it all.

I’m now more greatful and yearning for what Edmonton has to offer than what Vancouver has to offer.  Sure I love not having winter, riding my bike nearly year round, the cafe’s around the city, restaurant and food scene (which I sadly don’t take advantage enough of) and cool, hip micro cultures and areas around the city. 
But to take the city down a notch, rent is a bit pricey with limited and often very dodgy living quarters and arrangements.  People aren’t the warmest and in many cases can be outright cold, walking the streets with tunnel vision, blocking out and ignoring all those around them.  I’ve been here a year and I’ve not made any friends outside of people that I knew prior to or met from friends.  I have some great friends here but past the past, we don’t have much in common and that’s life. 
Also, there’s very little opportunities or chances here.  The market’s saturated and alls been said and done before.  It’s the land of competition and there’s 10 other guys I’m competing with.   Yeah it’s great having many of the ammenities at my finger tips already there but I think it was more fun helping building them and trying to create a culture in a place that it doesn’t yet exist.  Big fish in the little pond I guess.

Vancouver’s great and all but nothings happening here for me and it’s time to move on.  Ha, move on to someplace old I guess.  Even if I wanted to stay I don’t know if I could, with just getting my notice for eviction at the end of January prior to the Olympics and no job in line.  Being out on the streets and having to look or a place along with the other 7 people in my house alone, along with how many others out there that are in the same situation would suck.  It’s shit like that that seems to happen too often in this town and it’s complete bullshit.

But first comes first and I have to finish off school, pass my licensing exam in January, pack up my car with all my worldy possession and make the precarious journey back to Edmonton in midde of winter.
Should be fun.


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