I’m really liking the more sublte of coffees lately.  The more boutique and floral coffees that you really have to look and taste to find their nuances.  The coffees that seem to have a secret it’s trying to hide.  When I first got into coffee I liked the more slap in the face coffees, namely from Kenya.  Ones that that you could grind on one side of the cafe and have someone on the other, pupil’s dialate and them ask you what coffee that is. 

I’m currently drinking and enjoying one of those coffees from a local roaster called Moja.  It’s a really good clean Kenyan of the style that really got me into coffee but I find that my palate yearns and enjoys the boutique type coffees.  Last I had of that was Flecha Roja, Costa Rica roasted by Intelligentsia.  At first I was like, “eh” nothing to call home and rant and rave about.  It was nice but didn’t seem to be as awsome as the write up on the Intelli website.  A few cups later I was enthralled by the coffee.  Amazing rose pedal and vanilla notes and with what I guess is praline, via the website.  I loved it right to the delicious end, which seemed to be better as it aged a bit.  This also makes me wonder; Intelli vacuum seals and nitrogen flushes their coffees (I’m sure), it seemed like it took opening the bag so the coffee could degass properly and open up.  It wasn’t until the 2nd or even 3rd day after I opened it that it really stepped into it’s own.  Perhaps this is what needs to be done for future bags…


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