Pick Something and Stick With It

These were the words that echoed through the UBC Med library where I was studying.  There was a group of Med students talking about what they were planning on specializing in, when one piped in to “just pick something and stick with it”.  It cut throught the hushed mumbles of the library like someone slamming a book down and kind of struck a cord with me.  “You’re not going to have some magical epiphany as to what you should do.  It doesn’t work like that”, the voice added.

It’s sentiments like that that have been really sticking with me lately and swirling through my head.  I guess they pretty much started after reading Paradox of Choice, which has really got me thinking about decision in life, big and small.  PoC really goes into choosing a path, sticking with it and not looking or thinking about those other paths that you didn’t take or missed out on.  Aka the “what if game” and the “could of, should of, would of” syndrome.  Further to it all, you can’t have it all and many choices, if not all, have some sort of gain and some sort of drawback.  Drawbacks seem to be focussed in on after the fact, while the gains are often looked over, forgotten about and adapted to.

Too bad it’s not as simple as “just picking something and sticking with it”.  It’s been nearly 10 months that I’ve been working towards becoming a nurse and I’m nearly complete.  I thought I had picked my path and pushed out all other roads and directions and for a while I did but here I am 10 months later and other paths and directions are poping up in my mind. 

Is life really ever that simple?  Can one play the middle road and have it all?


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