I’ve been reading some great books this last couple months.  I was in a major drought before that with the last novel I read being No Country for Old Men and then Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire.  Yeah laught it up but I read it when I was 14, thought it was great and saw it for sale for $1 so figured what the hell. Anyway, great books I’ve been reading…

It all started with Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain.  Really good, fun read that really got me reignited in the kitchen and thinking about food more and more.  Since then I’ve been cooking and enjoying food a lot more.

Just as I was finishing up Kitchen Confidential I picked up Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan.  Now that I realize it, it was probably a combination of the two that got me cooking and thinking about food more.  Omnivore really got me thinking more and more about freshness and simply knowing where my food was coming from.  It really sung to a part of me and a life I once lived when I was in Australia, living and working on farms.  That level of transparency was an eye opener and the level of freshness of the foods I was eating then was amazing.  While reading this book I started to go to the farmer’s market, which at first I was skeptical of but once I had tasted the food I bought there I was sold.  The lettuce is what sold me specifically.  From there I started to look more into free-range and grass-fed meats, eggs and poultry and have been finding some great producers in the area.  If I had more freezer space I’d buy a quarter or half a cow but the sample packs they sell will have to do.  And the eggs I bought, shit.  The yokes from the eggs I buy at the store look like crap compared to the farm-fresh eggs I bought.
In all this book had really changed the way I look at food, what I eat and what I want out of my food.

The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz.  And again, my mind has been blown.  James Hoffman recommended this book in one of his video blogs and I decided to pick it up with the intention of knowing the consumer psyche more, including my own.  What I got instead was this amazing book about how we are all so inundated by choice in our society ranging from soap to careers to olive oil to lifestyle that we can truly never be happy.  It’s been a real eye opening read in regards to happiness, choices we make, living with regret, the “what if game”, and a tonne of other dumbass little stupid games we play in our heads that make us unhappy.  I feel a lot more greatful and just generally more happy since reading it.

Next; God in a Cup.  I’m still reading it but it’s great coffee book.  It’s really interesting to see how far 3rd wave coffees come in a few years.  Read it if you’re hopelessly into coffee.

So yeah, books are good.


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