I am by no means a exceptionally knowledgeable, have a very developed palate or tasted a tonne of scotches but I do enjoy and appreciate a good glass. I’m just about to finish off a bottle of Highland Park 18 and it’s been a treat.  I think the entire bottle I’ve drank myself while relaxing and unwinding.  The previous bottle I finished off in good company at Andrew’s wedding.  That was an awesome night.  In between the two was a bottle of BruichLaddich 18 that Poul gave me as a going away present.  An other  bottle of deliciousness. 

As I said I don’t have the most refined or developed palete but I know good from bad, or so I think.  Last weekend I went out to some relatives place for a BBQ and a bottle of some “good” scotch was brought out.  It was a blended undated malt of of a distiller who’s name I don’t remember.  Upon it hitting my lips that sour/harsh gag-like reflex hit me.  I knew this was bad scotch.  The next night I was at home and poured a glass of Highland Park 18.  I don’t know if it was because of the experience the night before was still fresh in my mind or what, but that scotch tasted amazing.

Next on my shelf to drink is a bottle of Clynelish.  It’s a Distillers Edition, individually numbered and the whole shabang, distilled in ’92 and bottle in ’08 so I guess it’s a 16 y/o (?).  I got it for my birthday the other day from Colby and Sterling (thanks guys).  Should be tasty.



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