Top 5

I was thinking what were the top things that I love the most in the world and life.  The things that I enjoy, that propel me to do what I do and that govern my day.  The things that I attribute to what makes up a good day for me.  The things that I obviously spend way too much time and energy on. 

Definitely on the top of the list.  For something so simple and everyday it’s kind of frightening the amount of energy, thought and consideration I put into making a cup of coffee.  It’s been a basis for trips out of town to visit other cafes, the divergence of travel plans to go to areas of a country growing it and a consumer of hours that I spend in quiet enjoyment.  It’s been a means of meeting some of the most interesting, funny, oddest and most passionate people I’ve ever met where everyone is a character to their own.  Many of my most memorable memories of the last number of years have been based around this drink and the time I shared with the people involved in it all.  I remember being in Laos and just came back from a tri to a plantation and was rambling on about coffee when some guy said to me, “why don’t you open your own cafe?”  I chuckled, laughed and shrugged the comment off.  Nearly 3 years later and just about completed a nursing program I can can’t help but think why not and what the hell am I doing?

I don’t know what I like more; the eating or the practice of cooking food.  Eh who am I kidding?  Eating.  Albeit I do find cooking and preparing to be very relaxing and therapeutic.  Life is too short for bad food and crappy meals.  I am no meals a high class foodie or hardcore at home chef but I try, experiment, play around and really enjoy good food.  I gravitate more to a healthier side of food (more to that later) and enjoy a lot of simple home cooked meals with highly fresh ingredients, hence big salads.  Roasted veggies and chicken with romesco sauce is probably my current favorite and has been for the last year plus.  I’ve also just started roasting whole chickens with a tasty stuffing that lasts me throughout the week as leftovers.  Fritatas and omelets are another love, in fact eggs just rule in general.  Basil oil is an other bit amazing that I’ve been conjuring up lately.
Food also has been a reason for some of my travels.  Some of the most ingrained memories I have of travel are of specific meals and the great tasting food of the place.  In fact a lot of the best memories I have of travel are of food; fishing for dinner and cooking it up an hour later, seeing an animal go from paddock to plate, amazing tasting tomatoes, awesome curries, great home cooked meals, eating fresh fish next to the Mekong…

I’m fairly new to Scotch but I know good from bad.  There’s something about it.  The smoothness, the aroma, the fruitiness of some, the peatiness of others, or maybe it’s that when I do have a drink it’s in a moment of relaxation and calm?

I used to be a pretty chunky guy, not over fat but I weighted in at about 200lbs and that was pretty much all flab.  That was about 10 years ago.  I’ve been down to below 150lbs and then back up to nearly 190lbs over that time with different goals and perceptions of what fitness is.  I love the feeling of a good workout.  I love feeling like crap walking into the gym, thinking I should go home and take a nap, that I’m hungry and would deserve the rest after a long day.  I ignore that voice and go to the gym.  I love the feeling of blood pumping and fluids flowing.  Heart pounding and lungs working.  Hormones and endorphins swimming in your system.
Yeah the gym is a major cheesy place filled with a lot of ego and guys ogling the women or themselves in the mirror.  Some of them are just plain old ridiculous.  I ignore them though and get on with it.  Some of the most fun I’ve had is getting together with a group of 3-4 people and having a workout like back in Sydney.  The competition, support and comradery is awesome.

I don’t look it.  I’m not a monster, super cut and lean, ridiculously strong, can leap tall buildings in a single bound or faster than a speeding bullet.  Nor will I ever will be and you know that?  That’s just fine.  I don’t always feel great but I’ve come to this point where that’s my goal.  Feeling great.   Right now my regimen consists primarily of heavy, multi-jointed, full range-of-motion exercises; squats, deadlifts, cleans, dips, handstands, pull-ups, turkish-get-ups, ab wheel and plank.  They’re all painful as hell but I love them and feel they are the means to my goal.

Sure I’d like to get stronger and get my squat up to a solid 350lbs but I keep finding the quest for a specific goal whether it’s strength, speed or aesthetics requires a compromise of other attributes and results in a drop in my overall feeling of wellbeing.  Aesthetics are a minor concern; I don’t remember the last time I did a bicep curl or the millions of other retarded exercises other guys are doing at the gym.  I’ve been going to gyms and remaining active for nearly 10 years now.  I have a general idea and basic set of knowledge of what I’m doing and can track my progress.  It’s cool to see advancement and improvement and have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t.  That said there’s always lots to learn.

Not much to write here because it is what it is.  Simple getting together with good friends, chilling out pretty much doing nothing can be a blast.  It doesn’t have to be anything major or eventful either.  Throw some food, coffee, liquor into the mix and you’ve got your self a great time.

After looking at it all I realize I’m a pretty simple guy and it doesn’t take much to make me happy.  A combination of 3 of these things over a day’s length makes for a pretty good day in my books.  5 out of 5 and it’s a great day.  I also realize that Because of this simplicity to obtain happiness, it’s so very easy to become accustomed to them and take them for granted.  Being grateful and thankful for all of these need to be noted and made aware of in order for me to remain content with them and so I don’t adapt to their happiness stimuli.


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