Let’s try this again

So I started this blog over a year ago, dedicating it to coffee.  Like many blogs it fell into disuse and I fell out of love with the coffee business becoming somewhat jaded and decided to move on.  About a year later I found myself thinking more and more about coffee and soon, once again fell in love with everything coffee.  I’ve also been mindful of journals lately and how they’re wonderful things to have to help clear your mind, get some things out and act sort of as a benchmark for your life.  I have an online workout blog that I’ve been continuously updating for nearly 4 years.  So I’ve decided to resurect this corner of the internet for thoughts and crap that doesn’t fit in my personal journal.  Dumb stories, weird thoughts, rants, whatever.

So to start off the first entry I’ll go back to what this blog was originally made for: Coffee.  I took off to Portland a couple weekends ago and was bedazzled by not only all things Portland but the amazing coffees available in a wide variety of places there.  Now there’s a town that must be in a constant state of overcaffeination.  While there I went to a cafe called Barista that I whole heartedly recommend regardless of the cheesy name and picked up a bag of coffee they were selling.  I bought a good amount of coffee while in Portland but this one from Counterculture Coffee out in North Carolina stood out for me the most.  It was Finca Nueva Armenia in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala.


Some awesome sweetness on this coffee with some great citrusy red fruit-like notes.  The tasting notes say apple so maybe that’s what I’m tasting.  Either way I’m like it big time.  I’ve only tried it in the french press with 28g @4min.  It’s so bang on I don’t want to mess up a good thing.


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